Stray Cats Stories with Bobby Startup – Rockin’ And Rollin’ And Whatnot ep8

Bobby Startup was a friend and manager of the Stray Cats when they were starting out in the late 70s, early 80s. Bobby joins me to tell some stories 'bout the early days of the band and how he helped them when they moved to England in 1980. Join our Facebook group! Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!

ep66 Bruce Boots vol.2

ep66 Bruce Boots vol.2 I’m joined by fellow Springsteen fan and bootleg creator/collector Oliver Krings for this episode. We discuss Oliver’s Springsteen fandom and his creation and editing of Springsteen video bootlegs. Check out Oliver’s website: and his youtube channel: Join our Facebook group! https:...

bonus episode: Happy Birthday Bruce Food Bank Fundraiser

Special bonus episode to give some attention to John Kelly and his noble food bank fundraising efforts in the spirit of Bruce Springsteen and his birthday. Find donation info here: Join our Facebook group! Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!

ep64 Live from the Rock’n’Pod Expo 2018

We had a rock'n'roll party in Nashville last month at the 2018 Rock'n'Pod Expo. I recorded throughout the day with fans, podcasters, musicians and friends. Talkin about Springsteen and rock'n'roll and whatnot. For this episode I bring you music and conversations with Joseph Wren, Tuk Smith, Craig Smith, Courtney Cronin Dold, Sean Cullen, Gary Corbett, Brian Jacobs, BJ Kramp, Er...

ep63 Springsteen Fandom vol.8

I speak with two new friends for this episode, the next Springsteen Fandom installment. First up is David Zess. a singer/songwriter from the Boston area who has just launched an all-request Bruce Springsteen solo acoustic tribute show. I talk with David about his show and how he became a Springsteen fan. Check out David’s Springsteen tribute show here:

Gabba Gabba Eighties – Rockin’ and Rollin’ and Whatnot ep7 (RAMONES)

I recently joined BJ Kramp and Craig Cohen on BJ's podcast Rock And Or Roll discussing the RAMONES in the 80’s. I’m thrilled to bring you that show as a special sidecast crossover episode. BJ, Craig and I give a retrospective of the RAMONES in the 80’s and then pick our top 10 favourite songs of theirs from that decade. Check out BJ’s Rock And/Or Roll podcast: http://rockand...

ep.62 State of the E Street Union

We're checking in on some current events on E Street for this episode. I'm joined by Tom England to get his review of Springsteen On Broadway which he recently attended. John Kelly then joins me to discuss some recent happenings with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The Nashville Rock'n'Pod 2 is about a month away. Find ticket, donation and all other information on t...