ep1 Springsteen fandom

Join Lee & Arlen for the inaugural episode of the new Bruce Springsteen audio fanzine podcast TRAMPS LIKE US. We’re gonna discuss how we became Bruce fans. Our entry point into the rock’n’roll world of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. We’ll also discuss our first Bruce Springsteen concert experience. Did Lee see any of the 5 nights in Toronto Bruce played on The Born In The USA tour? Did Lee actually see the Human Touch/Lucky Town tour? What concert did Arlen pass on, and what was his first Bruce show.

As is the case when most Springsteen fans get together, the discussion will lead ya off on various tangents and spin off conversations.

Music will be played (not only Bruce songs) and we hope you enjoy listening in to our conversations of one of the greatest rock’n’rollers and entertainers of all time!

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