Ep.61 Steve Earle & Bruce Springsteen at Camp Copperhead

I recently spent 4 days and nites singing and songwriting with Steve Earle at Camp Copperhead. Hard core. I attended Steve’s master class songwriting retreat the first year of the camp in 2014 and had a fabulous time returning last month.

For this episode, I’ve compiled some audio moments and highlights from Camp Copperhead 2018. I spoke with Steve and my fellow copperheads about music, songwriting and of course, Bruce Springsteen. You’ll hear those conversations, some late nite guitar-pull jams, some pertinent moments from Steve’s lectures, and lotsa great music.

 Thanks to fellow copperheads Elliott Clifton, Molly Hanmer, Sidney Whelan, John Lauber, Marc Falk, Tom Ciurczak, Adam Stengel, Danette Beavers, Miles Maxwell and Robert Appleblatt for taking the time to speak with me. I encourage you to look ’em up and check out their music.

 And of course,  gratitude and appreciation to Steve Earle for the inspiration and mentoring.

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