Month: February 2019

ep72 Springsteen Fandom vol.10

We got another great Springsteen Fandom episode for ya...this time, with friend of mine, and work colleague, Ryan Carpenter. Ryan tells us about his journey down E Street and we play some tunes. Good friends, good music, good times. Tramps Like Us podcast is now on Spotify. Have a listen if that’s where you consume your audio entertainment.

5pc Bands – Rockin’ And Rollin’ And Whatnot ep11

Back by popular demand! Mike Bramston and Alex Ferguson join me once again on Tramps Like Us to follow up the show we did a few months ago discussing 4pc bands (vocals, guitar, drums, bass). This time we're each throwin' down our top 10 5pc bands. It's another fun and loose conversation with lotsa good tunes. Come hang out with us. Tramps Like Us podcast is now on Spotify. Ha...