Ep89 THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD album review

Singer-songwriter David Newbould joins me on this episode to break down Bruce’s 11th studio album, 1995’s The Ghost Of Tom Joad. We dig deep into these songs, stories and characters.

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  1. John Kershaw says:

    Hi Lee, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the latest pod. I’ve been a Springsteen fan for nearly 40 years – 12 gigs done, first seen in ’88 on the Tunnel of Love Tour. Love the E-Street band and the rock ‘n roll but for me the pinnacle of Bruce has always been the stripped back cinematic singer / songwriter / story teller and, despite being a big consumer of Bruce material – interviews, books, articles, pods etc I’d started thinking I was the only die hard fan who’s favorite album was Tom Joad. Really like your pod but knew you ranked it well down your list so was delighted with the episode with David – even his favorite lyrics were the same as mine. Somewhat biased by the above but thought he was a great co-presenter – get him on again!
    Keep up the great work. Thanks JK.

  2. Lee McCormack says:

    hey thanks man! I appreciate the words. I definitely dig tom joad more now after really diggin into it.
    I’ll probably do another one with David.

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