Month: June 2020

EP97 BORN IN THE U.S.A. Tour Moments

We’re concluding our 4 episode celebration of Born In The U.S.A., focusing on the 84/85 world tour. Kurt Runyon, Brian Jacobs and Mitch Slater join me to share some memories and play some live tunes. Listen to Tramps Like Us on Spotify: Listen to Tramps Like Us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes:


In this 3rd episode celebrating Born In The U.S.A., we’re looking at the videos, the 12” remixes, the b-sides and the outtakes from this era. I’m joined by Simon Head of the Apologue podcast and BJ Kramp of the Rock And/Or Roll podcast.  Check out more from Simon Head: Check out more from BJ Kramp: http://rockandorrol...