Author: Lee McCormack

ep3 The Tears That Blind: Springsteen songs that make us weep

BJ Kramp from the Rock And Or Roll Podcast and Lee get sensitive discussing Bruce Springsteen songs that make us cry. Get your weeping cloth out. Be sure to check out BJ's show Join our Facebook group! Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!

ep2 the River tour 2016

On this episode of Tramps Like Us: A Bruce Springsteen podcast we discuss the current River tour 2016. Arlen saw the show in New York City and Lee saw the show in Toronto. They'll both compare notes and converse on what they liked, what they didn't like, etc. Playing sound clips as the mood strikes. Also joining the show for this episode is Tom England who recently attended ...

ep1 Springsteen fandom

Join Lee & Arlen for the inaugural episode of the new Bruce Springsteen audio fanzine podcast TRAMPS LIKE US. We're gonna discuss how we became Bruce fans. Our entry point into the rock'n'roll world of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. We'll also discuss our first Bruce Springsteen concert experience. Did Lee see any of the 5 nights in Toronto Bruce played on The B...