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Remembering Tom Petty 1950-2017 – Rockin’ and Rollin’ and Whatnot ep1

For the first episode of the new podcast sidecast, we're remembering Tom Petty. I spoke with a bunch of my friends - we shared thoughts, memories, stories and the music of the legendary Tom Petty. Stand your ground, don't back down, keep on swingin'. Friends: Elliott Clifton Alex Ferguson Joe Royland

ep42 The Worst of Bruce: the 80s (crossover episode)

I guested on the Rock And/Or Roll Podcast's series "The Worst Of" with BJ Kramp and Brian Sword recently. We each picked our worst Bruce Springsteen songs from the 80s. Not an easy task for me. It's always great talkin to BJ and Brian, not withstanding their questionable picks. Enjoy this crossover episode. Check out BJ's Rock And/Or Roll podcast: http://rockandorrollpodcast...

ep40 Live from the Nashville Rock’n’Pod Expo

The Nashville Rock'n'Pod Expo was a blast. We met some new friends, heard some podcasts, bought some records, had some laughs and sang some songs. We recorded live throughout the day and talked to some great people. Lotsa fun talkin' music and Springsteen with... Bill Lambusta - , Randy Hall - , Joe Polo - ht...

ep39 Live Archives

For this episode, I'm focusing on the live archives series of gigs that the Boss has been releasing regularly over the last few years through his website . Specifically, I'll give highlights and play music from the live releases that I have purchased. These concert releases all sound fabulous and fill the void of high quality soundboard recordings in the...

ep38 Springsteen fandom vol.7

I got together with my good friend Troy Harkin recently to play some tunes. We talked about his Bruce Springsteen fandom and the conversation led us to The Clash, The Who, Rush, Sun City, Stephen King and more. I bring you that discussion for this episode of the podcast. I’ll be representing this podcast and Bruce Springsteen at the Rock’N’Pod Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, A...

ep37 the ROCK AND ROLL Hall Of Fame

I'm playin some of my favourite Springsteen Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame moments for this episode of the podcast - speeches and performances from the induction ceremonies, the museum opening concert in 1995 and the 25th anniversary concert in 2009. I’ll be representing this podcast and Bruce Springsteen at the Rock’N’Pod Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, August 26th. We hope you c...

ep36 LITTLE STEVEN – Soulfire

I recently grabbed Little Steven's new record Soulfire, and I love it. I wanted to hype the record and get a podcast out sooner than later, so I've assembled a few of my Bruce/podcast friends to join me. Charles Harrison, Kurt Runyon & Mitch Slater return to the show to discuss the record and all things SVZ in 2017. Join our Facebook group!

bonus replay episode – Summertime Bruce

Summer is here, so I figured I'd repost our Summertime Bruce episode. Mitch Slater joins me to count down our top 5 Bruce Springsteen summer songs. Soak up the sun, open a cold one and enjoy some Summertime Bruce music. Join our Facebook group! Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!